A Shocking and Sickening Adoption Story


Photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle

I was stunned to read in my local paper, The San Francisco Chronicle, this morning about a story titled “Son gives emotional sex-abuse testimony” about a 24 year old young man named Denis Flynn, adopted from Russia, who was routinely sexually abused by his adoptive parents, Ralph and Carolyn Flynn. They are described as “two high level marketing executives” living in the wealthy Silicon Valley neighborhood of Los Gatos. Suffice to say that justice was served to Mr. and Mrs. Flynn.

This is nauseating on so many levels. Of course sex abuse occurs in biological and adoptive families; all it takes is two sub-human parents. I hate to stereotype, but this isn’t the kind of behavior I’d associate with an area I consider educated, evolved and compassionate. Strike that one too. Finally, you can be sure that it will be a front page story in Russian state media, playing right into Vladimir Putin’s cruel hands. Putin of course used Russian orphans as geopolitical pawns courtesy of the Magnitsky Act.

At the very least, I’m relieved that Denis Flynn got justice from his adoptive parents, and hopefully he can drive off into the sunset with a big settlement and their Rolls Royce while Ralph and Carolyn rot in prison.