“I Heart Casey” Video By Aaron Duffy


Aaron Duffy is a friend of Casey’s who studied media arts at the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts. I share videos and slideshows I’ve done on iMovie but Aaron’s work is on an entirely different plateau (as well it should be; NYU is to media what Julliard is to music.)

His Youtube video, I Heart Casey, is a powerful and moving tribute to Casey as told through her Marin friends’ Facebook posts.

Aaron has given me permission to share this.

Erika and I have had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know Casey’s friends, and I can’t think of a more talented, compassionate and inclusive crew. Aaron’s video shows how young people mourn the disappearance of their dear friend from the Golden Gate Bridge.

I invite you to click the link above and check out Aaron’s other Youtube videos.

They are hilarious.