And Now For Some Good News


A great report I saw yesterday in my San Francisco ChronicleGlobal effort to get kids out of orphanages gains momentum. Essentially, worldwide countries are moving from an orphanage to a group home/foster care type system. This is what the U.S. did after WWII and, to my knowledge, what Poland began in the early 2000’s. Group and foster homes are far from perfect but they are a vast improvement over orphanages. I estimate that the caregiver-to-child ratio in Casey’s Polish orphanage was roughly 10:1 which seems consistent with other reports. But that assumes each caregiver gives each of these 10 children equal time. Casey may have gotten less than her 1/10th of a caregiver’s time because most of the kids in the orphanage were severely mentally or physically disabled and at risk for self harm. Still this is an improvement over the system in place in the early 90’s.


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