4 thoughts on “AP Report Cites Decline In Foreign Adoptions

  1. Russia’s ban is certainly a big one. The article also notes (which I’ve seen elsewhere) various instances of abuse in the adoption systems in different countries. And I think there is also more focus and preference within some countries to keep their orphaned children from being “shipped out” (sorry poor choice os words.) This was what we faced in Poland back in 1991 and I think that sentiment has only grown stronger over time.

  2. Hi, John. Ruth from class here. This isn’t a comment for your blog, but I don’t have your email address, and you probably get notices of blog comments.

    Thank you for the gift of your book last night.

    I was a little apprehensive. Perhaps your book would be awful, but I would still have to read it, both because of your generosity and out of respect for your painful subject matter — and because I’ll be sitting next to you in class two nights a week till November! I’m not very good at forcing myself to read bad writing, even when the subject is interesting However, I started reading The Girl Behind the Door last night, fell asleep reading, and finished it first thing this morning. It is a well-written and important book. I’m mailing it right off to my sister, who is the adoptive mother of an 11 year old who was born in Guatemala. (My sister might have seen The Girl Behind the Door already; she is a reader and a psychotherapist, and, as you say, people are more aware of attachment issues than they were 25 years ago when you adopted.)

    I hope you get this. I don’t really want to bring the book up in class unless you want to.

    Thank you again,


    • Thanks so much Ruth! And thanks for not “dropping the dirty bomb” in class about Casey. It’s not that I keep it a secret but I’ve learned ;painfully over time that there is a right time and place to share. Yeah I was pretty stunned when people loved the book since I’m a rookie at this (except for Editor and Publisher which called me whiney and pedestrian; they should’ve seen the first draft!)

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