My Book Is Now Published In Poland!


I’m excited to announce that the Polish publisher Prószyński i S-ka released “The Girl Behind The Door” in Polish language in January. It is titled, “Mogło być inaczej: Prawdziwa historia rodziców, którzy zrobili wszystko, by ocalić córkę” which translates into English as “It Could Have Been Otherwise: The true story of the parents who did everything they could to save their daughter.”

I only found out about this through a woman in Poland named Monika, who is an adoptive mother who read and embraced the story and has become our new friend. In fact, she sent us something that truly blew our minds. She found the orphanage in Mragowo where Casey spent the first year of her life. It was closed down long ago and re-purposed into a nursing home for children and youth with disabilities, which makes sense because most of the children in the orphanage back then were handicapped.

The building has aged quite well having been tastefully repainted; there is even a new front drive of attractive pavers. Below is the orphanage as we saw it in 1991, and the “home” (at bottom) as it is today.




3 thoughts on “My Book Is Now Published In Poland!

  1. Dear mr John,
    I’m 18 years old girl from Poland. I know, that my english isn’t perfect, but I must try to say You what I think about that book.
    I love reading, ususally, when I have some free time I search new books to my collection. I’m looking for something new, fresh. And one day I was find; “Mogło być inaczej”. Firstly, I think, that again must be books for teenagers. You know, I’m really require reader, I raed something like Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, or something by Margaret Mitchell, Lucy Montgomery and the others. Anyway, I see “The true story” and then I was shocked. I just scream: “Muszę to mieć! Koniecznie! O mój Boże, to jest niesamowite!” it’s mean “I must have it! Need it! OMG, that’s amazing!”.
    Today I have Your books, I read four chapter, when I was read this my heart can’t stoped hit. I can’t stop think about Casey I can’t believed… I… I can’t image how are you and your wife filling then.
    I think, that I can’t sleep at night and suspect I will late for school tomorrow. I must raed this till the end, and then I write to You again.
    I have very big respect to you. I’m in love of what you do to timeless Casey. She still alive in your and Erika heart, and I think, that readers can’t forget her, so she is ageless in our mind.
    I must go now. Best wishes. Take care!
    Your sincerely,

    Sorry for fault. ;-;

    • Hi Angelika – Thanks so very much for writing me in English! I was so very touched, especially to her from a young lady in Poland. That really means a lot. I do believe Casey’s story is universal and touches both old and young people, especially young people who feel the way she felt, whether they are adopted or not. I speak to high school kids here in the California schools and I think they are just like you. You all like the same clothes, music, movies, TV, internet. But life can also have a lot of pressure. So I’m glad Casey’s story touched you. Enjoy the rest of the book!


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