Dear Family and Friends

Now that Igor is in doggy heaven there is one thing we’ve wanted to do – a trip to Europe in summer, 2017. It’s less about seeing the sites because we’ve seen them, and more about connecting with people and seeing places we’ve missed. Here is a very preliminary itinerary: San Francisco to London to Edinburgh/Fortingall, Scotland. Then onto Manchester/Huddersfield/Liverpool. Fly to Brussels/Uccle and visit Bruges on my bucket list. Onto Paris/Chatou for a couple of days, then Bern, Switzerland to see the Brandenburgs and Regensberg, Germany where Erika was born. Lastly Poland – Krakow (another bucket list), Osweicim (Auschwitz), Wroclaw, Warsaw to see family and Mragowo to revisit where Casey spent her first year. Then Gdansk, back to Warsaw, London and home. About 30-45 days. We plan to stay in Airbnb’s where possible or family/friends as long as they can stand us (2-3 nights max). So we welcome any input on best ways to get around (plane, train, rental car) and lodging. Consider this our Amazing Race!

6 thoughts on “Dear Family and Friends

  1. Your trip sounds amazing, John! Nick and I traveled by train from England (Yarm) to Edinburgh, Scotland (a stunning city) and found it to be very convenient. You can take the train from London to Edinburgh. It’s economical, comfortable, and a great way to see the English countryside. Once in Edinburgh, we took public transportation everywhere. It’s a very walkable city. We even took the train out to the coast to see a gannet colony, and depending on the time of year you can also see puffins! Arthur’s Seat is also a must in Edinburgh. It’s a short hike but reveals a sweeping vista of the city. Have fun!

    • Thanks! We were thinking train from London to Edinburgh too. I want to go to Fingall outside Edinburgh because apparently my ancestors were likely from that region, so probably rent a car. Poland will be trickier to get around as they don’t have hi speed rail. So we may have to rent a car.

      • That’s cool you have ancestors from Scotland. Fingall sounds really beautiful. I wished we could have visited the highlands as well. Your drive should be beautiful! I’ve never been to Poland, but I’m wishing you all the best on your trip!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. A friend just returned from seeing Poland and Hungary. She rented a car and stayed in Airbnb. She would be a great source. Let me know if you would like to connect with her. Best, Sherrin

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