YouTube Video – My Talk at S.F. Public Library, Thursday April 14, 2016

sfpl_logoLast night I gave my usual talk and book reading at the San Francisco Public Library while a video slide show of Casey’s pictures ran behind me. They taped it with production and editing quality that was astonishing. It looks like a TED talk, Charlie Rose interview or KQED production. I love they way they intersperse parts of the slide show with me talking.

Bravo SFPL! Thanks so much for this gift!

Here is the YouTube link. Note: please remember to back up the video to the beginning if it starts a bit later.

4 thoughts on “YouTube Video – My Talk at S.F. Public Library, Thursday April 14, 2016

  1. Terrific presentation. A (literally) awesome story about who we all are as people and where our relationships come from. Thank you for your truly life-affirming work.

  2. John, First, I am so sorry for your loss and for Casey Joanna’s pain. I am humbled to hear your story. I too have been touched by adoption (I am a birthmom reunited) and have also been priviledged to parent three. Thank you for sharing your story and educating others as to the risks of teen suicide and to the other side (the pain and loss) of adoption.

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