4 thoughts on “My Op-Ed In The 1/19/16 SF Chronicle

  1. Hi John! Would love to read the article but am not a subscriber of SF Chronicles. Wondering if there’s another way to send the article?

    Hope all is well!


    • I think there’s a site that fixes this but unfortunately the sfgate link goes to a sign in page. You can just go to your browser and zoom in to see the type better.

  2. This was a great article. I was able to save it and zoom into the photo as you suggested. I want to thank you for sharing.

    This leaves me to question as to why there is still no support available for adoptees? So many tragedies lIke this and many more yet still no support for adoptees. Something is desperately wrong and I know from first hand experience being an adoptee with many struggles the therapist have failed me to great lengths because growing up seeking “help” adoption was never mentioned, let alone RAD or attachment issues of any kind. I was failed and it seems adoptive parents aren’t really informed on all the dynamics to the issues we may or may not face in raising an adoptive child.

    In your opinion based on your experience what can be done to help society see the other side of adoption and the “ignorance” you speak of being used to promote change and overall have some resources for adoptees available? We really REALLY need some all adoptee resources and we need help from those involved in adoption who see the other side like you have seen.

    I have created a small secret group for adoptees to process grief, loss & trama. It’s clear we are not therapists and we can’t fix one another it’s clear for most of us it’s the first and only “adoptee safe zone ” where we can share our hurts with those who get it and offer support to one another. Some of the adoptees are in their 50’s & 60’s and have never been able to share feelings until joining that group. (Can only join by personal invite) We have suicidal adoptees in there pouring their hearts out just thankful for a place they can share.

    The bottom line is there is no place for us but this has to change and thankfully those such as yourself are sharing stories that aren’t always the pretty picture. I share my story and it happens to be a lot of pain but healing comes in sharing.

    Why is there no support for adoptees?

    Thanks for sharing your story!!!

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