“I Hate Adoption” From The Blog Those Sweet Bare Feet

dads-053I don’t remember where I found this blog post “I Hate Adoption” but the title must’ve caught my eye. What did the writer hate about adoption? The writer, “sistertoten” posted on her blog Those Sweet Bare Feet about her experience as an adopted child whose family swelled with many more adopted children. Adopted or not, in my opinion, her parents were either saints, masochists or both. Come on, readers, having a dozen kids under one roof?

I share it here because it is a very raw and honest experience about adoption and what it really means to the children, warts and all. To this day there are adoption magazines that post only the good stories, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Children are incredibly resilient and can overcome almost insurmountable odds. But many can’t. I speak to them.

5 thoughts on ““I Hate Adoption” From The Blog Those Sweet Bare Feet

  1. 12 or 15 adopted kids isn’t a family — it’s an unlicensed and UNLICENSEABLE group home. It’s kids receiving less individual attention than they likely would in an institutional setting like an orphanage.

    • I never saw this blog or comment. Your comment couldn’t be further from the truth. Our family is completely and totally bonded, truth told, probably more functional than most other families! Our children are true siblings, and extremely close. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

      • Actually I’m careful not to paint all adoptions with the same brush (even when it doesn’t come across that way). As I say to groups many many times “a great number of adopted kids turn out just fine.” It’s the ones who don’t that I worry about.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I *know* my parents are saints- I’ve watched them fight for my siblings and they know how to love us well. I absolutely adore my siblings and adoption has taught me what love really looks like, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

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