Another Powerful Adoption Movie

A friendposterMaxi recently turned me onto a very powerful adoption movie titled The Dark Matter Of Love. Filmed in a documentary style it chronicles the adoption of three children from a Russian orphanage by a couple in Wisconsin with a fourteen year old biological child. The three Russian children were five year old twins, Marcel and Vadim, and eleven year old Masha (not biologically related.)

What drew me to the story was the fact that the parents’ experience of integrating the children into their home was not in the slightest sugarcoated. The twin boys were chronically hyperactive whereas the girl (not biologically related) was quiet, withdrawn and virtually emotionless. Her expression rarely changed from the one on the movie poster. In addition, the adoptive couple had the good fortune of being consulted by Dr. Robert Marvin, a leading adoption researcher with the Mary J. Ainsworth Attachment Clinic. I also interviewed him for my book.

For anyone with Netflix you can stream it. A really heart-wrenching movie. I’d love to know how they turned out.

6 thoughts on “Another Powerful Adoption Movie

  1. Hi there! Since you indicated curiosity about how they are doing, I felt compelled to respond…As an adoption-focused clinician in Wisconsin, I had the wonderous fortune of screening this film with the family about 6 months ago (within a crowd of about 75 attendees). All family members were and provided a “talk-back” after the film, generously engaging with audience questions….the growth and connection among them was heart warming (from Masha’s brilliant smile, to the twins standing quietly awaiting a question, to Cami’s playful commentary on some of the “behind the scenes” experiences)! This was filmed about 3-4 years ago and I am happy to report that all are doing wonderfully! They are a delightful family and have given us all an incredible gift in sharing their vulnerability and healing in such an intimate way!

    • That is SO great to hear. For obvious reasons I was particularly drawn to Masha. Just so adorable yet so fragile. I watched the movie with a lump in my throat when I wasn’t crying. So nice to hear a success story but they had the Ivy League of adoption pros with them. If you have contact info for the Diaz’s I’d love to reach out.

  2. You can follow the family a bit on the FB page the dark matter of love. They’re doing really well now!

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