The Girl Behind The Door: A Memoir By John Brooks

TGBTD-eBookCov_03-600“This book should be a wakeup call to all adoptive parents and professionals about the urgent issues adoptees and their parents face.”

Nancy Newton Verrier, attachment therapist and author

The Primal Wound and Coming Home to Self

A Marin County, California father embarks on a journey to understand what led his seventeen-year-old daughter, Casey, to take her life. He travels back to her abandonment at birth and adoption from a Polish orphanage. His search leads to a condition known as attachment disorder, an affliction common among children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. It explained everything. The Girl Behind The Door integrates a tragic personal adoption story with information from the experts to teach other families what the Brookses learned too late.

Who should read it?

    Anyone with a connection to the adoption “triad.”
    Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.
    Anyone who cried through the movie Philomena.
    Anyone who knows us and wants to read our story.

Available now on Amazon in print and Kindle version. Soon to be released on the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble online, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and more.

8 thoughts on “The Girl Behind The Door: A Memoir By John Brooks

  1. Ordered my copy earlier today and am looking forward to reading it. Really happy for you, John. Thanks for sharing your story with the world ♥.

  2. I’m a social worker and saw a post about this book on the social justice solutions facebook page. I just finished reading it. I deeply appreciate the painful honesty and bravery it must have taken to write. Thank you. Every member of an adoption triad should read this.

    • Thanks I’m so glad you liked it. I plan on reaching out to adoption related affinity groups as there are an estimated 1.5MM adoptive families in the US but as many as 60% of US families are touched by adoption in one way or another. If you are so inclined I’d love it if you could post a review on my Amazon page, or simply copy paste your kind comment from here.



  3. I just finished reading your book and my broken heart is feeling very fragile. So much rang true – sadly so much. Chapters 23 and 24 left me breathless as I found myself re-reading the paragraphs over and over. “For children placed early, the sense of loss emerges gradually as…” In hindsight, I know that is what went on with my son. Had I only known all I know now – much from Nancy Newton Verrier (who introduced you to me) and now from your book – maybe, just maybe my son would still be alive. Thank you for sharing your story – and allowing others to know there is hope and help.

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