We Just Saw Philomena


I know this movie review is a bit late since it premiered a bit ago, but nonetheless I had to share the profound reaction I had to it as an adoptive parent. Oftentimes I tear up in movie theatres but this time I had to muffle the sobs and stuff the tennis ball in the throat. When the movie was over I had to make my way quickly to the mens’ room, locking myself in the stall so that I could breath amid sobs. Finally I composed myself and Erika and I made our way to the car for the drive home.

Without giving away the plot line, this movie hit way to close to home. Not that the story line was an exact parallel to our Casey’s; in a way it was the opposite. Philomena was about a biological mother in search of her son. I was an adoptive father in perpetual curiosity about who Casey’s biological mother was. It resurfaced a host of questions that had long since been put on a shelf unanswered.

Did Casey’s mother really abandon her?

Were we the American villains in the triad?

Was her mother desperate to find her?

Had the principal figures in our adoption journey withheld critical information for fear of upsetting the deal?

I’ll never know. But Erika and I had a good cry, and sometimes there’s nothing like having a good cry, n’est pas?

Watch for my book launch of The Girl Behind The Door coming in about a week!

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