Online Audio/Video Posts I Should’ve Added Earlier

imagesIn 2011, I created two media pieces (with some help) which I shared with the public. One was called “Separation,” a short essay I did for our Bay Area NPR affiliate, KQED-FM, and their Perspectives series. It was about attachment disorder. What was interesting about it was the record number of very supportive online responses garnered from other adoptive parents and adoptees, far more than any other Perspectives essay. You can go to the link here to listen to it. I estimate that there may be tens of thousand of adoptive families in our metro of seven million people.

The other was not specifically about attachment disorder, but was more personal about Golden Gate Bridge suicides. I added some video of Casey to put a (gorgeous) face on the issue with Van Morrison’s, Someone Like You, in the background.

It will always make me cry.

As I look at this video now, there’s one shot that I see very differently. At 5:40 min. into the video there’s a shot of me holding Casey in our hotel room in Warsaw. We had just woken up after a first fitful night’s sleep together. There was barely any room to move around because of all our stuff and it was very hot out – an unusual July heat wave. I used to look at the image of us together warmly and still do, but there’s something else. Maybe a look of confusion, even terror, in Casey’s face, with me trying futilely to comfort her. She had to be wondering “Where am I?” “Who are these people?” “Where are the ladies in the white lab coats who take care of me?”.

I’ll talk more about this separation in an upcoming post.

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